Mortgage Marketing to Realtors: 3 rules to remember

Mortgage Marketing to Realtors
If you’re thinking about mortgage brokers in Melbourne and marketing to realtors, you need to make sure that you really know exactly all the rules that applying to start a mortgage marketing strategy to realtors. Here’s the top three rules to remember, so that you’re marketing rules will be a success.

Identify your ideal agents

You can’t just go and start your mortgage marketing to realtors i...

How to Generate Mortgage Leads

Mortgage Leads
To be able to generate mortgage leads by mortgage brokers in Melbourne, is a great way to make sure that a mortgage company is successful and get as many clients as possible. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a successful mortgage company, it is always important to be able to generate more leads. Here’s some of the best ways that you can generate leads, without any problems.



How do Mortgage Companies Make Money

Mortgage Companies
Did you ever wonder how mortgage companies like make money by just lending money to lenders to be able to buy their homes? The facts are that these mortgage companies are really able to make really good profit from “selling” mortgage loans to lenders. Here’s some of the most important ways how a mortgage company can make money.

Charging fees

The most important way that a mortgage comp...